About Us

Perceive exists to bring God’s word to people impacted by the New Apostolic Reformation in a way that they can not just read, but also see. At Perceive we worship God with not just our words, but also our art; bringing to people concepts from the word of God in a way that is visual and memorable.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a spiritual movement which began in the late 90's and early 2000's, focused around turning earth into heaven. Core beliefs of the NAR include Dominionism (the belief that Christ's second coming must be summoned by Christians taking over the seven 'mountains' of culture around the globe), a theology of suffering which states that God has no sovereignty over suffering, but rather Satan acts without permission from God; Kenoticism (the belief that Jesus either had no access to His divine attributes or rendered them potential in His incarnation), which is displayed in the NAR bible's translation (The Passion Translation) of Philippians 2:7; frequent trips to heaven; manna, jewels, gold dust, and angel feathers appearing in the air, bibles, or parishioners' mouths; dead raising, grave soaking (also known as grave sucking, or mantle grabbing), a general derision of (formal) theological education and knowledge, a high emphasis on the exercise of miraculous spiritual gifts, especially healing, speaking in tongues, and prophecy; the little gods doctrine (the belief that Christians are little gods and have creative power via verbal declarations), and, as the name suggests, the restoration of the offices of Apostle and Prophet by which the Church is to be reformed.

The NAR has successfully targeted churched teens and young adults, gaining unfathomable growth in the past two decades. This success comes largely due to the movement's command over the arts. Leading NAR entities like Bethel church, Jesus Culture, and Hillsong express a level of excellence in aesthetic design not found in many other religious organizations. This level of excellence is matched only by their level of unorthodox beliefs and behaviors. The goal of Perceive is to bring true Christian orthodoxy, in a way that is easily understandable, to young people impacted by the NAR, with an excellence in design and a similitude of aesthetics to leading NAR entities.

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